Exciting News | A Note from Lofty’s Founder

Dear Lofty Clients and Partners,

I am excited to announce that Lofty has merged with AuctionMobility.com, a leading software company in the arts and collectibles space. I write today to tell you about Auction Mobility, why we joined forces with them, and what it means for you.

Auction Mobility is the leading provider of mobile and online auction software. The merging of Auction Mobility and Lofty enables Auction Mobility’s art and collectible auction house clients to seamlessly publish their catalogs to the Lofty.com marketplace, while giving Lofty’s clients access to a vast array of exciting new auction inventory to collect.

Going forward, Lofty will continue to help collectors discover and purchase art and collectibles with ease and peace of mind. Our inventory will come from professional sellers, including dealers, galleries and auction houses.

Here is what it means for you:

      • -If you are a buyer, you can look forward to many new items to shop, with the same amazing customer service you’ve come to expect.
      • -If you are a private seller who currently has an item on sale, Lofty’s team is continuing to actively market and sell your property. Going forward, we will no longer be accepting new items from private sellers, but we are happy to recommend an auction house or dealer who can assist you.
      • -If you are an auctioneer, we are happy to host and market your auctions of Lofty.com and provide you with custom mobile bidding apps. Please contact Auction Mobility at info@auctionmobility.com.
      • If you are a dealer or gallery we look forward to continuing to market and sell your inventory. If you have been a part of our referral program, we will no longer be able to service your clients, since we are no longer accepting private consignments.


If you would like to contact us or have any questions, please reach out to us at support@lofty.com.

I am extremely proud of the service we have provided to our clients over the past three years. We have sold thousands of pieces, provided millions of dollars in proceeds and done so with the best customer service rating in the industry. We look forward to continuing what we’ve started.

Over the coming months you can expect exciting new inventory, new features and functionality, and other important announcements. We are hard at work continuing to build Lofty and providing excellent customer service!




Mark Lurie

Founder, Lofty.com