Top 10 Things You Should Know About Georg Jensen


1. Georg Jensen was born in 1866 in a small town close to Copenhagen where he began training in silver and goldsmithing at age 14.

2. That’s right, it’s “Georg”, not “George”. Georg is a common moniker in Northern Europe. Georg Jensen was from Denmark, where, incidentally, Jensen (Son of Jens) was always spelled with an E. In English speaking countries, the “E” often gets transcribed or changed to an “O”.

3. Jensen tried his hand at sculpture and pottery before turning back to silver, starting his own silversmith in Copenhagen in 1904.

4. Jensen used the modern day mark of simply “GEORG JENSEN” in a dotted oval cartouche from 1945 on all objects sold outside of Copenhagen.

5. Before 1945, Jensen used a variety of different marks. Some works with these early marks and unusual designs create excitement among collectors.

6. Jensen employed a number of designers and craftsman, some of whom became famous in their own right. Some of the most notable were: Johan Rohde (1856-1935), Sigvaard Bernadotte (1907-2002), Henning Koppel (1918-1981), just to name a few. Objects made by certain designers are branded as such.

7. In 1913, Jensen himself designed and introduced the ever popular Lily of the Valley pattern, still in production today. He was also responsible for the Blossom or Magnolie pattern introduced in 1919.

8. By far, one of the most popular flatware patterns that Jensen ever produced was the Acorn pattern, introduced in 1915 and designed by Johan Rohde. It is also still being made today. Other popular patterns are the Cactus by Gundorph Albertus, (1913), and the Pyramid pattern by Harald Nielsen (1926).

9. Some Jensen silver flatware brings strong prices at auction and sell for a higher percentage compared to original retail price than flatware by other silver manufacturers.

10. Georg Jensen Silversmith is still in operation today. In 2012 it was purchased by Investcorp, based in Bahrain, from Royal Copenhagen with which Georg Jensen Silversmith merged in 1985.

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Featured Image: Georg Jensen Silver Flatware Service, Danish, mid-20th century, in the Acorn pattern