Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue


One of our clients recently gave his niece a very unusual and thoughtful wedding present–a $2,500 gift certificate to Lofty. His niece ended up buying a wonderful pair of commodes and only had to pay for shipping.

This reminded us what a great source Lofty is for thoughtful and smart wedding gifts. If our client had purchased something brand new for his niece, not only might she not have liked whatever was chosen, but the same of amount of money would have yielded much more value on Take, for example, George Jensen silver flatware, Lofty recently sold a 70 piece set of its popular Acorn pattern for $4,500. If one had spent $4,500 on this pattern brand new from a Georg Jensen Silversmith, they would have run out of money after choosing just 8 luncheon forks and 8 soup spoons.

And bargains are not limited to silver, always a popular wedding gift choice. Lofty recently just sold a 90 piece Herend porcelain dinner service in great condition in the Rothschild pattern for $5,250. To put this in perspective, one would have to pay about $1,980 for 11 dinner plates in this pattern, brand new from an authorized Herend dealer. The set Lofty sold, like almost all of our inventory, was from a private person who may have received this service herself as a wedding present and who proudly displayed it in their home.

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Here are some lots currently on sale that would make great presents for the soon-to-be betrothed: