Westward Ho!


The Wild West holds a potent place in the American imagination. From Billy the Kid to John Wayne, and from the Rocky Mountains to the California Coast, the Western U.S. has long been a symbol of freedom, rebellion, and the vast beauty of the United States.

These Western legends and landscapes have inspired artists for generations. Here at Lofty, we’ve curated a collection of works perfect for those looking to bring a little bit of the spirit of the Wild West into their lives.



1. James A. Fetherolf (American, 1925-1994), Desert Scene, oil on canvas, signed, mid-20th century

2. Charles C. Stewart (American, b.1922), Initiates of the Tenth Year and Apache Mountain Spirit Dancer, oil on canvas

3. George A. Carlson (American, b. 1940), Tarahumara Mother, patinated bronze sculpture, signed and dated 1974

4. Benjamin Chambers Brown (American, 1865-1942), Grand Canyon Colorado, Foot of Bright Angel Falls, oil on canvas, circa 1905

5. Hanson Duvall Puthuff (American, 1875-1972), California Landscape with Ocean Beyond, oil on canvas board, circa 1970

6. Janey Belozer (American Contemporary), Thunder Bay, oil on canvas, signed

7. William Dorsey (American, b. 1942), Montecito, California, oil on canvas, probably circa 1990