When To Use a Luxury Moving Company


Long distance moving companies and local movers who offer complete high-end services are no longer only available to the rich and famous. While most people wouldn’t consider this kind of expenditure when moving out of their parents’ home into their first rental, there are some cases when luxury moving is the safest and smartest way to go. We asked the moving experts over at Unpakt for their top tips on when to hire a luxury moving company. See their pointers below and be sure to check out the Unpakt Blog for more expert moving and storage advice!

Fine Art and Antiques

A luxury moving company knows how to handle art and antiques. They are able to tailor custom solutions for your specific needs and their staff is knowledgeable and trained in the safest methods to crate, store, and transport these irreplaceable items.

Wine Collections

If you have just a few bottles and you’re not moving very far, you can probably handle them yourself. If not, chances are you could use a specialized service from a luxury moving company. Because wine is very sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations, and bottles are prone to breaking, your collection may require special equipment that prevents excessive shaking and maintains a consistent temperature. Many luxury moving companies offer this service a la carte, so you can protect your wine collection even if you choose a different company for the rest of your belongings.




Moving into a high-rise building calls for special moving skills. Safely transporting your belongings into your apartment while carefully avoiding damage to the hallway walls, floors, and ceilings is a complicated endeavor. Luxury movers know that and make sure their staff is skilled and experienced at high-rise moving. Your new neighbors may not stop by with apple pie to welcome you to the building, but at least they won’t have a reason to frown at you in the elevator.

Grandfather Clocks and Musical Instruments

This may sound like a strange combination, but the reason both grandfather clocks and musical instruments fall into the same category is that both are fragile yet often heavy objects comprised of many delicate parts. Sometimes, fragile parts need to be removed and transported separately, requiring expert disassembly and reassembly. If you have a guitar or a harmonica you can probably do without this service, but if you’re moving a piano, organ, or a collection of instruments, it would be wise to consider using a luxury moving service.

Full Service

If you’re moving in the midst of an exceptionally demanding time, personally or professionally, and cannot make yourself available to coordinate and arrange your move, full-service moving companies will take care of everything. Splurging on a luxury mover means you can have your home recreated in a new location, down to the smallest detail, without lifting a finger. The movers take photographs prior to packing up your home to ensure that the order of the items like spices, books, and mounted pictures is preserved. Carpenters are available to create custom crates for your belongings. Even a car service is at hand to drive you to your new home. It might seem like a splurge, but once you account for the peace of mind and time saved, a full-service moving company is money well spent.


Full Service


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