How To Stage Your Home For Sale

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Staging a home is a lot like preparing for a dinner party. You clean, organize, put out some flowers, and make sure everything is in pristine condition. However, unlike a dinner party, failing to stage your home right before you list could cost you thousands of dollars.

Before you list your home for sale, you should take the time to clean, update, organize, and present your home in the best possible light. Below are a few tips for staging a home to ensure a quick and easy sale.



1. Clean

It may seem obvious, but the easiest, yet most important task is cleaning. Your home better be as clean as the day you moved in when potential buyers come knocking on your door. Go beyond the floor Swiffer and counter wipe-down. Scrub the grout on your bathroom floors and in your showers. Clean both the inside and outside of your windows. Clean the curtains or buy new ones if they’re outdated. Before all showings, take the time to run a vacuum through every room, empty the kitchen sink and dishwasher, clean the bathroom, toilet, and bathtub, and remove all dust.

The big things matter, but oftentimes, its the small updates that can make or break a home sale.

Declutter & Organize


2. Declutter & Organize

While organizing does go along with cleaning, the process of decluttering should always be considered. It’s time to step up and finally clean / organize your garage, bedroom, basement, attic, closet or any other room a buyer may looking at when walking through your home. You might be storing extra toys, wedding presents, winter clothes, and more around the house, but a home for sale is no place for extra clutter.

If need be, rent a storage unit while the home is for sale or even hire a professional organizer. They will know what potential homeowners look for and how to vastly improve your interior home appeal.

Nevertheless, don’t turn your home into a museum. Potential buyers need to visualize themselves living in your home. Therefore, make it homey. While you are cleaning, leave a few elements that make your home unique. Show off how much counter space you have with plates and bowls of fresh food. Line your dining room table with vases filled with flowers. Showcase those cute salt and pepper shakers on your kitchen counters.

The home needs to be clean, but always know that potential homeowners need to envision themselves living there. They can’t do that without a few common additions.

Improve Your Curb Appeal


3. Improve Your Curb Appeal

The inside of your home may be perfect, but if you ignore the outside of your home, very few potential buyers will ever coming knocking. Take some time and look at your home from an outsider’s perspective. If you were buying a home and saw a house with poor curb appeal, how would you feel about the rest of the house? Chances are you’d be pretty hesitant about walking in. To ensure all potential buyers are fully confident that your house is right for them, you should:

-Mow the lawn at least once a week.
-Add extra flowers in front of the house.
-Remove all debris at least once a week.
-Hang easy-to-read house numbers.
-Wash your front windows.
-Showcase any extra features like a porch, deck, pool, or fire pit.
-Think seasonally and showcase your garden in the summer or fall and fire pit in the winter and spring.


Dillabough ResidenceDillabough Residence


4. Make the Easy Updates

Every house has those small items we eventually just learn to live with. It can be the finicky thermostat, the leaky faucet, beeping smoke detector, broken outlet, or wobbly refrigerator door. All these updates and more are not expensive to fix and can be taken care of with a little DIY effort or a simple call to a handyman. When it comes time to sell, these small issues will come up in the inspection and will have to be fixed sooner or later. Might as well improve the house as much as possible before that first showing.

Final Tips

Below are a few other tasks you should consider before listing your home for sale:

-Rearrange your furniture to create an inviting conversation area.
-Repaint walls that don’t have neutral colors.
-Depersonalize the home. Remember, the potential buyers have to envision their family living there, not yours.
-Beware of having pets around for showings.

For more tips, see 21 staging tips for selling your home fast.

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