How to Pack Jewelry When You Move


With moving day right around the corner, you’ve probably already made a plan to pack and transport your clothes and furniture. But, what about smaller items – like your precious jewelry collection? We asked the moving experts over at Updater to shed some light on how to properly pack and transport your jewelry pieces to your new home. See their tips below, and be sure to check out Updater for more packing and relocation advice!

Throwing all your jewelry in a box and hoping for the best is never a good idea when moving. Somehow, you’re going to end up with a missing earring, or worse, a spider web of tangled necklaces and bracelets. Whether you’re packing an extravagant collection of high-end necklaces or even a few pieces of custom jewelry, these tips should prevent a small tornado from exploding in your jewelry box during the move.

Drinking Straws
Enter one of our favorite, but unexpected, uses of drinking straws. Straws are perfect vessels for holding chains or other thin necklaces, which can easily thread through the top of the straw. Simply slip the necklace through the straw, clasp the two ends of the necklace together, and voila!

Index Cards
Finally, you’ll have a use for all those extra index cards you have lying around the house! Index cards are perfect for holding earrings – simply poke a hole through the card and attach the earring backings to the other side of the card. For extra security, slip all of the index cards in plastic sandwich bags so nothing comes loose.

Egg Cartons
As out there as it may sound, each section of an egg carton can hold a ring or earrings. After you fill up the carton, wrap plastic wrap around the outside of the carton or tape it shut for extra protection.

Paper Towels and Toilet Paper Rolls
This packing hack works great for your statement pieces. Wrap the necklace around an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll, and then tape the ends of the necklace to the roll itself so it stays in place. From there, stick the rolls in a shoebox with tissue paper (or some other kind of padding) so everything stays nice and secure.

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Pill Containers
Upcycle your plastic pill and vitamin containers to hold rings, stud earrings, pins, or small brooches (necklaces not recommended for this one). Insider’s tip – be sure to re-label your containers so you don’t overlook them when unpacking.

Craft Containers
If you’re in less of a DIY mood, plan on making a stop at the local craft store. Most craft stores will sell containers with 18 or more sections – great for organizing all of your small pieces separately.

Ice Cube Trays
Before you toss your old ice cube trays in the trash, repurpose them to hold all of your small to medium size earrings and rings. Then, wrap the entire tray in saran wrap and tape everything together.

Dig up one of your old pillowcases and attach necklaces and bracelets to the end with safety pins. Once you’re done, roll the entire pillowcase vertically. For added protection, tie the entire roll together with string or ribbon.

Easter Eggs
Plastic Easter eggs make great vessels for your smaller pieces because they won’t get crushed easily (and they’re super cheap!). Make sure to slip all of the eggs in a shoebox or plastic bag so everything stays together.

Packing jewelry doesn’t take long, but it will require a bit of extra effort if you want to avoid potential loss or damage. Especially if you’re packing family heirlooms or other fine pieces, the biggest disservice you can do yourseld is throwing everything in your jewelry box and hoping for the best. Better yet, if you have particularly valuable pieces, make sure to purchase a “floater” policy that will fully cover your luxury items, or simply bring your valuables with you on moving day.

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