How to Organize Your Home

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Hibernation season is in full force (for most of us anyways), which means now is finally the time to stop procrastinating and organize your home. While the daunting task may seem like quite the undertaking, luckily, there are always a few easy tricks and tendencies to copy.


Stop Hoarding

We understand that it’s hard to let go of that high school jersey or your husband’s old sweatshirt, but, eventually, we all need to clear out space in every room of the house. Therefore, the first step is organization is to sort through your belongings. Start out by making a huge pile and sorting everything into three categories: toss, donate, and sell. There will be plenty of stuff that you can throw away, donate, or even sell. In fact, if you are really clearing out the house, there are certain charity organizations that will pick up your furniture for you. If you really can’t bring yourself to get rid of that old doll collection, start a fourth pile for items you plan on keeping.



Let’s Add Some Built-In Storage

Many of you most likely still have quite a few items laying around that aren’t organized. Well, if you are planning on keeping them, you’ll need a place to store them. Therefore, we’ll have to build upon your current layout by adding, or finding, creative storage options.

Built-in storage, while it can be traditional, is making a strong comeback in home remodeling. Built-ins are terrific for smaller spaces and they are ideal in the living or dining room, holding all those extra plates or fine dining silverware.

Additionally, if you have the space, the bathroom is another great location for built-in storage. Bathroom built-ins can hold extra towels, sheets, blankets, and all your toiletries, saving you from storing your toothbrush, toothpaste, and hairbrush on your bathroom counter. Remember, we are organizing the home, sot he more we can hide from plain sight, the better.

Storage Behind Vanity Door


Secret Storage in the Bathroom

Speaking of the bathroom, or the most trafficked room in the home, there are plenty of storage secrets waiting to be found. While some storage options are standard, like below the vanity or inside a wall mirror, there are other spots many of us ignore.

Behind the vanity door is the perfect spot for extra shampoo, hair gel and other tall containers. To add storage behind your vanity doors, simply attach a spice rack behind the flap. Rollout shelving is another great addition to any bathroom – or kitchen for that matter. It helps double your existing space and the sliding design offers easier access to the hidden space in the corners of your cabinets.



One trendy and out-of-the-box bathroom storage option is to hang a coat rack rather than multiple towel rods. If done right, you can add a vintage or rustic design option to your bathroom while also saving space on bathroom towels. Most importantly, compared to multiple rods, a single coat rack will make your tiny space more visually appealing.

Lastly, there is almost always storage space above the bathroom door. Yes, adding bins and bottles above the door may make your bathroom feel a bit more cluttered, but it does get items off your counters. If you install a shelf above the door and neatly organize your toiletries, your bathroom will feel and look as orderly as any.



Kitchen Organization

The other highly trafficked room is of course the kitchen. It seems the kitchen always tends to be the stomping ground for extra homework, junk mail, old magazines, dirty plates, and so much more. While general laziness can be a factor, more often than not, there’s no ideal location to store anything. Well, just like the bathroom, every homeowner reading this article has storage options in their current kitchen.

The first option is to ad slender pullouts to those small gaps in your cabinets and counters. A slender pullout pantry in the space between the refrigerator and your counters is the most common, but there are other spaces to utilize as well. Consider sealing the gap between your range and counters by tucking a slender pullout with a towel rack. A custom cutlery pullout is also a clever use of any skinny space between two appliances. This also removes a chunky knife holder off your counter.

Now, let’s move inside those cabinets. Remember those rollout shelving options we mentioned earlier? They also work great in your kitchen. Chances are, those hard-to-get, dark corners in the back of your cabinets are not fully utilized. A Lazy Susan is a perfect solution to make sure every inch of your kitchen cabinets are being used.

Lazy Susan


Finally, if you have the space in the kitchen, think about adding a freestanding pantry. Food can take up a lot of space in your kitchen cabinets. If it were placed elsewhere, you would have more room for Grandma’s china or that vintage glassware you purchased years ago. Even better, according to ImproveNet data, the average cost to install built-in cabinets is $4,036, while a luxury pantry cabinet only costs approximately $600.

Get Professional Help

If you are still having trouble organizing your home, there are professionals who can help. The average price to hire a professional organizer is $380, but we have seen prices as low as $200. If you need help, and can spend the money, don’t be shy. Give them a call.

About the Author: Jacob Hurwith is the content marketing manager at ImproveNet. ImproveNet provides unparalleled customer service and outstanding products that help homeowners connect with local service professionals free of charge.