4 Simple Tips for Choosing The Perfect Artwork for Your Home


Artwork comes in many styles and forms – from fine antiques to abstract paintings, art acts as a primary source of inspiration and beauty for many of us. Our friends over at Havenly, an online interior design service that creates stunning interiors for only $199 per room, play a significant role in selecting beautiful curated artwork for each of their clients’ homes—–paying specific attention to everything from personal style to the dimensions of the space. We tapped Havenly’s expert designers for tips on how to properly choose the perfect artwork for each room of the home.

1. Personal Style is essential.

Personal style is an important element in choosing the right art for your home. With so many variations, it may seem difficult to narrow down your personal aesthetic. We suggest taking Havenly‘s complimentary style quiz to learn more about your style preference. This will assist in narrowing down what type of art is best for your space.

1402432742_ARMAN Image: Gotham Photography


2. Do your research.

See what’s out there! As designers, we enjoy sourcing from a number of vendors, based on the needs and budget of our clients. Our designers like to select pieces that have personal meaning and are reasonably priced. One of the things that we love most about Lofty is how they choose from a variety of unique artists around the world—–it’s an ideal marketplace for homeowners who are looking for a special artifact to liven up their space in a memorable way.


3. Select the right size.

To distinguish what size artwork is best for your room, we recommend taking measurements of the space before making any commitments. This will assist in the efficiency of the art selection, making sure it fits perfectly over your bed, sofa, or mantle.

banner5 Images (From Left to Right): Caitlin Kruse; Cathy Anderson; Caitlin Kruse


4. Color matters.

Try to select colors that will complement your personal aesthetic. If your style leans more on the traditional style, we recommend choosing neutral hues with a more subtle design, or bold with bright colors for a contemporary design.

How do you choose to display artwork in your home? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section!

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