5 Interesting Pieces of Lobby Artwork in NYC

World Trade Center One Lobby Mural, Location: New York, New York

First impressions are incredibly important, and that sentiment absolutely extends to office space. Visitors and clients alike get a sense of an office environment and a company’s culture the first time they enter a space. One of the best ways building owners can attract potential tenants is by featuring unique artwork in the lobby, adding character, distinction, and a little flair. These pieces of art are sometimes commissioned from artists specifically for the building; other times they are purchased from private collections or are on loan.

Here are 5 interesting pieces of artwork that are featured in some of NYC’s most distinguished buildings:

1. 51 Astor Place, Jeff Koons, Balloon Rabbit (Red)

Jeff Koons, Balloon Rabbit (Red), 2005-2010

The Balloon Rabbit (Red) by Jeff Koons is located at 51 Astor Place, a 13 story, 430,00 sq ft. building where rents are reportedly as high as $115/sqft. The work is in the collection of Edward J. Minksoff, whose company installed the piece.

2. 915 Broadway, Installation by Sen2

Sen2Installation by Sen2 at 915 Broadway

Sen2’s pastel graffiti adorns the lobby of 915 Broadway, home to companies including Union Square Ventures, Feneral Assembly, and PayPal founder Peter Thiel. These two large pop art paintings were selected as part of a $1.5 million investment to decorate the lobby of the building.

3. One World Trade, José Parlá, One: Union of the Senses

joseparlaJosé Parlá, One: Union of the Senses, 2014

The 1,766-foot One Word Trade tower commissioned 13 pieces of unique, thought-provoking art. The five artists selected included José Parlá , who painted one of the largest abstract murals in the city–measuring 90 feet!

4. 1001 6th Avenue, Installation by Desire Obtain Cherish (DOC)

docInstallation by Desire Obtain Cherish (DOC) at 1001 6th Avenue

The Melted Lollipop by Desire Obtain Cherish (DOC) has been bringing a lot of attention to 1001 Sixth Avenue. You might think that the rent (which is approximately $70/sqft) calls for more distinguished lobby artwork, but the building wanted to add humorous pieces that would make it stand out. In addition to the giant grape lollipop, the lobby is decorated with several large food items including a massive melted ice cream cone and other colored confections.

5. 20 West 38th Street, LA Roc, Electrocat

laroc LA Roc, Electrocat,2014

Electrocat, a graffiti work by Keith Haring protégé Angel Ortiz (now known as LA Roc) sends a subversive, anti-establishment message. The placement of this work in a corporate space offers an interesting commentary on capitalism in an entirely unexpected and surprising venue. Electrocat hangs in a gold frame in perfect view for all who walk into its 38th street home.

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Featured Image: José Parlá, ONE:Union of the Senses, 2014, One World Trade Center, New York City