How One Collector Found His Perfect Piece

Starting an art collection can be an immensely rewarding journey, but it can be difficult or even intimidating to know where to begin. So when Louis Vidal discovered just the piece he’d been looking for through Lofty, we wanted to hear how the collector met his perfect match: a print by German-born artist Peter Max.

How would you describe your new Peter Max piece?

In one word: elegant.

What attracted you to this piece?

What attracted me was the artist himself—he is known worldwide. He has worked with the Beatles, presidents and famous people throughout his career. He is a true living legend.

How would you describe your art collection?

Diverse. I have recently started collecting so it is growing.

How did you hear about Lofty?

I found Lofty by searching online.

What was your Lofty experience like?

Wonderful! Working with Alexandra was very pleasant, and she helped me acquire my Peter Max with ease.

What would you tell people curious about trying out Lofty for the first time? Any advice?

I would highly recommend Lofty—they are honest and efficient. They have a good selection of art and antiques for people interested in collecting.

What tips do you have for people looking to start buying art (especially online)?

Be very careful, find a credible art dealer and do as much research as you can on the piece. I was also very happy to be able to talk to someone at Lofty to [help me] feel comfortable about my purchase.