Furniture for Small Spaces

There has been a lot of talk in the media in recent years about the trend toward more compact living. Downsizing is sometimes by choice, and sometimes a result of economic necessity. Inhabitants of small spaces who still want to live elegantly need to be creative when it comes to decorating. Lofty has a number of items currently for sale that would be perfect with someone facing such a challenge:

Screens: Screens are not only decorative, they are functional. They can serve as room dividers, modesty shields or a way to hide an unsightly corner in your home. They are a lot less expensive than construction, are movable, and can add a little color and eclectic accent to any room.

Combo storage/side table: Dual purpose furniture is a great way to save space. An attractive cellarette can serve as a storage vessel as well as a side or coffee table, while adding a little aura of heritage to the ensemble.

Combo Bar/Side Table: A combination bar/side table can give an apartment a refreshing modern look while doing double duty.

Retractable Writing: Need a writing surface or desk that you can put away quickly to make way for guests or other activities? Try an old campaign desk! Like its previous owners, you can even put it in a tent and fold it up for a hasty retreat.